Why the Summer Color Palette of 2014 is Gold for Pakistanis.

The color palette for Summer/Spring 2014 has an exciting twist to it! It’s a perfect blend of thoughtfulness, emotion and art. Any guesses what it might be?

This color palette that defies traditional wisdom is particularly gold for the Pakistanis as it allows us to maintain serenity in these scorching summers while still celebrating bright hues. How? Well well, the designers have paired soft pastels with vivid colors and created a colorful equilibrium like never before! Isn’t that Wow? This trend is an ode to the blooming flowers, to summer travels and to strong beautiful women.

The color palette provides three beautiful pastels that can be paired up with other colors in the spectrum to create beautiful combinations. The Placid Blue adds calmness and completeness to any combination you create like the reassuring sky that provides a backdrop to the canvas we call life. Violet Tulip, the next in the spectrum, can be relied on to add a romantic and vintage look. Similarly, Hemlock, the color of springtime foliage, is just the perfect shade of green for summers! Do you care to disagree?

Sand, the hue itself and its name only reminds us of beaches and the carefree days summers welcome us with. This neutral can be used together with any bold colors for a chick look or with neutrals for a sophisticated look. Paloma too is one interesting neutral. Wear it alone or combine it with any color, the result would remain the same: Head Turning Sophistication.

Reds have been a rage these past few seasons, but this high-pitched Cayenne is just perfection. Is it only me or looking at it makes you crave juicy watermelons? Mix this color with Freesia and turn up the excitement level. How can one live in Pakistan and not be in love with this bright yellow that illuminates the wardrobe. The color of mangoes? Excuse my repeated reference to fruits but its 32 degree outside and I can think of little less. Let me now introduce you to the color of optimism, Celosia Orange. Together with Violet Tulip, you will look ethereal like the setting summer sun. The palette is completed with Radiant Orchard and Dazzling Blue, perfect companions to all colors in the palette, be they pastels or neutrals. Paired with these, your outfits are sure to ooze boldness.

Use these colors to design and plan your Eid attires or renew older ones. They are sure to make life easier and your wardrobe trendy!

So are you ready to experiment with these colors? Whatever combinations you make, stability and versatility is guaranteed!

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